About Jamie Harris

Born and raised in North Carolina, Jamie was introduced to photography at a very early age.  On his own he quickly dove into photography books and magazines trying to gain as much knowledge as he could about the craft.  Taking photography classes in high school with his Pentax K1000 35mm camera he quickly excelled in the basics laying down a foundation that supports his skills to this day.  

 Jamie has had the opportunity to do quite a bit a traveling in his life. He's met many people and experienced many different cultures and backgrounds.  He's had the privilege to sit down and spend time with the homeless in Baltimore MD and build an outhouse in the village of Rio Limpio, which sets approximately 5000 ft. above sea level in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. He feels privileged and lucky to have waterski'd in the flats off the Florida Keys and snorkel along their reefs and watch the seals bask in the warm sun along the Pacific Coast Highway in California.  "The best part about my travels" Jamie said, " was to be able to hone my skills in photography along the way".

In 2011 Jamie took the next step in his photography journey with the start of Jamie Harris Photography. This milestone shift from hobby to professional was clearly a dream come true.  With this new adventure ahead the detail and precision expected with that title had to be backed up with more than the word "professional".  Constant is a word he uses to describe growth.  Constant growth requires constant learning and perfecting.  

"What's your story...?" is the tag line Jamie uses to present his style with the desire to tell that story in a single image.  His love for portraiture photography easily lead him into the fashion side, and now entering the commercial/product side of this industry the question remains the same, "what's your story?"  

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